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Rated #1 continued medical education for Botox, Juvéderm and Dermal Fillers. Small class sizes with live model training courses.



Event for all RN’s, NP’s and Physicians!


Upon completing the Introductory Botox and Filler Course, you will have met the requirements to begin the Foundational Course and in as little as two weeks can catapult your medical aesthetic career, start working in your dream field, and treating patients right away!

Step by Step Instruction on Live Model

Watch the Transformation of Your Model in Real Time

Botox & Lip Filler Introduction

Learn Industry Trade Secrets From Experienced Professionals

Live Q and A Interaction with Instructor

Master Aesthetic Providers and Instructors with Decades of Experience

Networking with Successful People in the Industry

Start Building Your New Network of Individuals in This Industry That Have Reached Levels of Great Success

Introductory Botox and Filler Certificate

Complete the course and walk away with a certificate of completion.


What you will learn

The aesthetics industry is on track to reach over $22 billion by 2025, making it the fastest-growing medical field—and a sound career path for licensed medical professionals. That’s why I designed our Introductory Course to help students seamlessly learn and transition from traditional medical fields to aesthetics.

This half-day aesthetics course is led by experienced trainers allowing you to get practical experience with Botox and Dermal Filler. In addition, you will meet Wake Up Beautiful Academy Founder, Brandi Langley. Upon completing the introductory course, students meet the requirements to begin the Foundational Course, and in as little as 2 weeks catapult your medical aesthetic career and start working in your dream field, treating patients right away!

You’re Aesthetic Career Starts HERE. Join our Introductory Botox and Filler Course starting at $279! FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!

we have a 100% success rate

Testimonials Matter

In as little as two weeks you can become a skilled, effective and CONFIDENT injector of Botox and Derma Filler. Obtain the proof of work to demonstrate it, guaranteed!

Listen to Bella and Johnny’s journey with the program.

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#1 Botox & Dermal Filler Academy for Medical Professionals

Become A Master Injector in As Little as Two Weeks

Begin your career as an aesthetic injector with the fundamentals. Choose between different course options

Break Into The World of Aesthetics

Get Past the “Must Have 2 Years Aesthetic Injecting Experience”!

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Greetings Future Aesthetic Masters!

Hi, My name is Brandi Langley, I’m the Founder and CEO of Wake Up Beautiful Spa and Academy. Over my 20 successful years in the Medi Spa business I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the sad, sad stories of a medical professional saying to me “Please take a chance on me, I have so much passion for this industry, I’m a fast learner, I just need a foot in!” Or how many times I’ve seen the discouraged face of a medical professional coming to our office, proudly holding their one-day course certificate for Botox and Derma Filler, only to realize that although I appreciate and respect the initiative to pay thousands of dollars and take the course, It simply just isn’t enough to get them hired.

Or, heard an RN tell their story of being promised that if they came on as a laser nurse, they would get trained and moved up to be an aesthetic injector…2 years of dedication later, they are no where closer to their goal…there has been no meaningful training and their dream of being an injector still seems out of reach.

Do these scenario’s resonate with you? If so, it isn’t your fault. I have heard these stories more times than I can count and you know what other story I have heard more times than I can count? Medical Businesses just cant find trained talented injectors! This problem is so huge, I literally hear it daily. Whoa! You heard that right, there are frustrated people on both sides of this equation! After years of these truly heart breaking stories and being on all sides of the equation, I decided to fix the problem.

Wake Up Beautiful is the ONLY Academy that offers:

  • Real work experience. Up to 80 hrs of hands on experience injecting live models
  • Digital proof of work in the form of a portfolio for your resume and social media
  • 100% track record. One hundred percent of our graduates are working in the aesthetic industry and many of them are hired before they even graduate
  • A Guarantee of Success! If you are not trained to confidence at the completion of our Foundational Course, I will work with you for free until you are!


If you’re ready to take control of your life and start living your destiny, in as little as two weeks! Call Us Today!



Dr. Benji Dhillon

Our Academy offers world class trainers. Celebrity plastic surgeon trainer, Dr. Benji Dhillon, has been in our office teaching our students. An honor.


All medical professionals, R.N., soon-to-be R.N. or greater, or those who have an interest in aesthetics are welcome.

Yes, if you are a medical professionals, R.N. or greater, and have an interest in aesthetics, we invite you to save your spot!

Of course! Our staff will make sure you are registered for the date you can attend. Please reach our to [email protected] to reschedule your date.

Reviewed by so many!

Listen to other graduate’s experiences in our Program.

We are the ONLY Academy with a 100% success rate.

Why Wake Up Beautiful Academy?

Wake Up Beautiful Academy is located in Orange County and proudly the VERY FIRST and ONLY true mentorship aesthetic injecting academy in the United States.

If you’re ready to break into this truly fabulous and rewarding career of aesthetic injecting, and start enjoying the career of your dreams, then don’t settle for anything but THE BEST!

Try our Introductory Course starting at $279 FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Exclusive Invitation to Wake Up Beautiful’s INTRODUCTORY Course

Many of our students have gone on to be aesthetic superstars, not only becoming successful injectors and working full-time in this industry, but actually opening their own successful MedSpa!

Watch Brandi as she follows our many graduates successes and teaches you how to also be successful in this industry!

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A Guarantee

After graduating from the Foundations Course, 100% of our students have been hired and are working in the aesthetic industry. Why? You get up to 80 hours of actual hands-on experience injecting live models! Every graduate leaves with a professional portfolio showcasing before and after photos of their work.

I am so sure you will be trained to confidence in Botox and Dermal Filler by the end of our course that if you do not feel confident, we will work with you for free until you are!

CEO & Founder

Ready to advance your career?


The Country’s top Botox & Dermal Filler Training Certification Starts With Our Introductory Course!

Live Training / Intro Course On Botox and Filler

Step by Step Instruction for Botox, Lip Flip, as well as the Secrets to the Russian Lip Filler Technique Perfected


From our Founder, Brandi Langley: Three SIMPLE Step Formula for Overcoming the “Must Have Two Years Experience Hurdle” and Landing Your Dream Career in Aesthetic Medicine in as Little as Two Weeks!

Why Wake Up Beautiful Academy?

Wake Up Beautiful is the premier medi spa in Orange County and proudly the VERY FIRST and ONLY true mentorship aesthetic injecting academy in the United States.

(Limited # of FREE Spots Available!)



July 11th 5-7pm (virtual event)

After you register below, the Wake Up Beautiful Academy team will be in touch to let you know more details. Bring yourself, and get ready to learn and walk away with so much after this FREE Introductory Botox & Filler Course!


30131 Town Center Dr. #107, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

30131 Town Center Dr. #107, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

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