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Whether you’re a first-time medical spa business owner or a seasoned aesthetic medical CEO, our medical spa business class teaches you how to grow your practice to 7-figures in sales while keeping as much of the profits as possible!

With over 20 yrs experience building her own successful Med Spa Business, Brandi Langley helps medical spa businesses & other aesthetic medical practices grow. Will your practice be the next success story?


There IS a Shortcut
to Success!

It’s called leveraging someone else’s experience!

Come Listen to Brandi Langley, The Med Spa Profitess, teach you how she built a PROFITABLE 7 Figure Med spa business on a shoe string and how you can too!

In this compelling live course she will give 5 hard won pivotal secrets to success and a guarantee that you will increase your profitability by 25% or more, in one simple step…

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5 Pivotal Secrets To Success



By 25% to 50% or more with this ONE simple step.



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Cut your credit card processing fees to 0% and save $1000’s every month.

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How to add 6 Figures to your income each year with one simple skill anyone can learn.



Pivotal marketing tips that cost nothing and will pay you massive dividends FOREVER.



Add HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS to your bottom line in 2023!


Decide today to add 10’s of $1000’s of dollars to your MedSpa practice bottom line in less time, steps and capital investment than you could ever imagine.

Meet Brandi Langley


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Hi, My name is Brandi Langley, I’m the Founder and CEO of Wake Up Beautiful MedSpa and Academy

Also Know As, The MedSpa Profitess!

In my 21 successful years in the MedSpa Industry one of the things I’m most proud of is that Wake Up Beautiful is consistently known for delivering RESULTS for our clients. It is this same passion for client’s results, coupled with my personal experience of founding and operating these businesses, that has enabled me to offer real solutions to profitability and success for you and your MedSpa.

Someone once told me, “there is no shortcut to experience”. That was an incredibly sobering and discouraging sentence to someone who had just started her own business and didn’t yet have any experience! Since there was no shortcut, I set out acquiring the needed experience at the school of hard knocks using the not so fun trial and error approach and generally felt very alone in my quest for success.

This lack of mentorship in our industry is huge!! Statistically more than 50% of small businesses fail before they gain the necessary experience. Whoa! After years of hearing these truly heart breaking stories of MedSpa owners looking to find the “secret sauce” to increase profits, stabilized cash flows, solve customer retention, and more… I decided to fix the problem.

I can’t tell you how many times I have coached and helped other MedSpa owners get over their hurdles and thrive. It’s so exciting to have the honor of being part of their success! Whether you are moving from an insurance based model to a cash business or you have embarked on owning your own business for the first time, it can feel scary, overwhelming and lonely. But the great news is that there IS actually a shortcut to experience and it is called mentorship by someone who has actually walked in your shoes. It is my absolute passion and mission to have the opportunity to pass on my hard won, truly pivotal secrets of success to you . And just like I did with Wake Up Beautiful MedSpa and Academy, I am making the name Wake Up Beautiful Consulting synonymous with RESULTS. Your results!

Join my profit generating event now, and I guarantee you will find value. If you don’t, I am offering a 100% money back guarantee. Join me!

“I feel 110% more confident after taking this course with Brandi and her team. My over all goal and experience was amazing, I absolutely loved it. I drove an hour and a half everyday in order to take part in the training and I feel it was the perfect stepping stone for me to grow my aesthetic career. I wholeheartedly recommend it!”

- Leilanie Bennett, Sculpt Aesthetics Med Spa

It's not just another course, this is

a critical business move.

Working hours and hours in your MedSpa business for a low profit margin is a thing of the past. 

Brandi will show you how to free up your time and create financial freedom!

Brandi's own MedSpa has all 5 star Reviews!

“Everything Brandi taught us has been correct. We applied the techniques she taught us in her course and they have worked so well that the business almost seems to grow itself! We are so thrilled and highly recommend Brandi, Wake Up Beautiful Academy and her team! It has been absolutely invaluable to our growth.”

Chi Lin MD, David LVN



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Whether you’re a first-time medical spa business owner or a seasoned aesthetic medical CEO, our medical spa business class teaches you how to grow your practice to 7-figures in sales while keeping as much of the profits as possible!


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“Brandi is called The MedSpa Profitess, and I couldn’t have come up with a more perfect name! I have learned so many pivotal secrets to my success, from being an expert injector to opening a profitable MedSpa of my own, to gaining absolute goldmine marketing secrets that didn’t cost me a thing! And I keep learning from her. Best move of my career! So thankful to have taken these courses. The other thing I have loved and appreciated about working with Brandi and her team is that they really do care about our success, it’s not just lip service. Every step of the way Brandi and her team are accessible and take the time to really problems solve, support and encourage with tools that truly work! I can’t say enough good things!”

Genesis Duran RN, Veronica Duran NP, Owners, Mi Piel MedSpa

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